Investments into 
distressed mortgages

We invest solely into collateralized, mostly mortgage loans, with high average debt ticket. While dealing with us, banks and leasing companies obtain efficient solution, quick liquidity and guaranteed result as we deploy our own capital

Key parameters of a typical transaction:
  • Acquisition of the non-performing loans of the most problematic borrowers, where the legal workout horizon is 2-5 years
  • Typically 50 – 100 cases for one project
  • Mortgage, or other types of the collateralized debts with fixed asset collateral
  • Quick due diligence process (up to 1 week)

In addition to direct investment into credit portfolios, we manage and realize asset sales (real estate pools) from the banks and financial companies, which have been taken on the balance sheet during the debt settlement

The asset purchase with deployment of our own and co-investors’ funds allows to realize the deals within very short time frame – from 1 to 3 months