Using our extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring, focusing on the best cases in world practice, we develop special packages of solutions for corporate clients

Our strength lies in our ability to operate under the most complicated bankruptcy scenarios and deploy our own capital to reach efficient restructuring solutions

Services in the sphere of consulting solutions:

  • Debt restructuring
  • Raising debt to refinance stressed debts
  • Mergers and acquisitions in distressed assets space

Debt restructuring

The debt restructuring project foresees a personalized tailor-made solution for each corporate client with optimal restructuring conditions within shortest possible time frame


Developing debt restructuring strategy
Building financial model
Management of the restructuring process and creditor expectations, with possibility to deploy capital to buyback part of the positions
Receiving optimal restructuring parameters
Technical closing of the deal

We often invest capital into debt buybacks ourselves and / or together with the client, which allows to fix the debt discount. This is one of the most demanded solutions for the corporate clients in distress. We own licensed financial companies and could coordinate and manage buybacks in a most efficient way for the client

Attracting refinancing

Debt refinancing project foresees the possibility to attract resources to refinance debt with a discount.
Normally we invest money short-term and attract long-term financing from the commercial banks

Mergers & Acquisitions

Typical M&A project foresees acquisition and / or sale of the whole business, or selected business units under the project focused on the optimization of the structure or when selling assets with high risk and high return profile

Our expertise in the area of complicated M&A projects allows the clients to realize even the most challenging goal

Our specialty is in structuring of extremely complicated, high-risk M&A deals in the area of non-performing assets

for Corporate Clients

Debt restructuring

  • Debt / EBITDA coefficient
  • Inadequate interest rates
  • High LTV
  • Lack of working capital
  • Lack of CAPEX
  • Equity value is zero or negative based on standard methodology
  • Distress share sale not possible
  • Shareholder conflict
  • Competitive threats
  • Hostile takeover threats

Typical solutions
  • Long-term restructuring, mostly with state-owned banks
  • Refinancing with a discount – we actively cooperate with two commercial banks in refinancing programs
  • Transfer of collateral to the balance sheet of the lender without unsecured “tale”
  • Equity investment
  • Aggressive legal position in reference to the unsecured loans

Added value
  • Normalized debt levels and freed working capital allow the client to stabilize the situation and positions itself for the future growth
  • Successful restructuring sends signals to the markets and investors
  • The client creates an additional defense line for the underlying asset by managing its loan portfolio